About this website

Hi, I’m Brandon. I live in Ooltewah, Tennessee (near Chattanooga) with my wife, our son, and our goldendoodle. I work in marketing for Precept, with responsibilities like frontend web development, email coding, marketing automation, search engine optimization, and analytics.

I originally launched brandoncaples.com in 2015 to host my résumé as I searched for jobs. Over the years, this site has mostly been a blog, though I wrote infrequently for much of that time. I relaunched the site in 2022 with a renewed focus on writing about my passions—marketing technology and biblical studies. I’m also committed to reading more books, and I’ve added my own book reviews to the site.

As I continue to add new content to the blogs, I hope you’ll check back often. Happy reading!

The Caples family—Brandon, his wife, and their son